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Real-time side-slip angle measurements using digital image correlation

Devin K. Johnson, Theunis R. Botha, P. Schalk Els,

Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 81, 2019, Pages 35-42, ISSN 0022-4898,

Abstract: In vehicle dynamics there are many parameters that are desired for vehicle control and modelling. One of the most important parameters for handling and stability is the vehicle side-slip angle. The ability to directly measure the vehicle side-slip in real-time will aid and improve many driver assist systems such as stability control schemes and roll-over mitigation, especially over rough terrain. Commercial side-slip angle solutions are available but they are prohibitively expensive and are only suitable for use during vehicle development and performance evaluation. They are also restricted to small side-slip angles and give unsatisfactory results at low speeds and over uneven terrain. Previous research has proven that digital image correlation can be used to accurately measure vehicle side-slip angle over rough off-road terrain using inexpensive, off-the-shelf cameras. However, side-slip angle calculations were performed in post processing from pre-recorded footage and not implemented in real time due to the large computational times of the novel algorithms developed. This paper describes the improvements made to the algorithms that enable real-time implementation. The side-slip angle is measured using a single camera pointing downwards to the terrain and digital image correlation. The sensor is tested on a flat surface using a rig that allows for validation. The maximum sampling frequency and accuracy are investigated. The system is shown to measure accurately and in real-time up to 100 km/h speeds.

Keywords: Computer vision; Side-slip angle; Off road; Image correlation