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Experimental study of a tracked mobile robot’s mobility performance

Weidong Wang, Zhiyuan Yan, Zhijiang Du

Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 77, 2018, Pages 75-84, ISSN 0022-4898

Abstract: This paper proposes an experimental method of predicting the traction performance of a small tracked mobile robot. Firstly, a track-terrain interaction model based on terramechanics is built. Then, an experimental platform of the tracked robot is established, on which the measurement methods of the parameters that influencing the accuracy of the prediction model are introduced and the data post-processing are improved, including drawbar pull, slip ratio, sinkage, track deformation and so on. Based on the experimental data, several key terrain parameters are identified. With the tracked robot platform, the drawbar pull-slip ratio relationship is tested, and the effects on drawbar pull considering different kinds of terrain and the influence of the grousers are analyzed as well. The research results provide a reference for the experimental study on the traction performance of small tracked robots.

Keywords: Tracked mobile robot; Terrain–track interaction; Drawbar pull; Tractive performance; Experimental study