Panel Presentations at the ISTVS 8th Americas Conference

The 8th Americas Regional ISTVS Conference hosted a technical panel discussion entitled "Future research directions in terramechanics/mobility and off/on-road vehicle engineering for complex road/terrain and cyber environments." 

The topics included simulation application in mobility, military ground vehicle mobility, planetary robotics, and complex terrain and snow modeling. We are pleased to share the presentation slides from our panelists.

Simulation Applications in Mobility Research
Dr. Thomas D. Gillespie, Research Professor EmeritusThe University of Michigan; Director of Product Planning, Mechanical Simulation Corporation


Future Research Directions in Military Ground Vehicle Mobility
Dr. David Gorsich
, ST/Ground Systems, Chief Scientist, TARDEC


Planetary Robotics: Recent Accomplishments
Dr. Lutz Richter
, ISTVS Secretary General; OHB System


Complex Terrain and Snow Modeling: Vehicle-Terrain Interaction
Dr. Sally Shoop
, US Army, Cold Research and Engineering Laboratory


Impact of Driveline on System Optimization
Michael P. Kirk, Director, Axle Driveline & Manual Transmissions, Powertrain Engineering, FCA US LLC