Best Paper Awards at the ISTVS 8th Americas Conference

The 8th Americas Regional ISTVS conference concluded with acknowledging the efforts of the authors. The selected papers for the conference were evaluated on four criteria, which included briefly:

  • Originality: the degree to which the paper presents a new or novel technical material.
  • Quality: the study has high degree of thoroughness, high demonstration of engineering skills or the described experiment has high degree of elegance.
  • Contribution: the significance of the work in the advancement  of the relevant area.
  • Presentation: the study is presented clearly and effectively.

The Board of Directors congratulated all the authors and researchers for their efforts and were pleased to award the following two papers as the 'Best Paper' at this conference:

  • 'Evaluation and Optimization of a 6X6 Independent Suspension Vehicle for Small Scale Robotic Dozing' by Gregory Colvin & Dimi Apostolopolous
  • 'Combined Control of Semi-Active Axle and Cab Suspension' by Jan Krüger & Henning J. Meyer

Additionally the 'Best Student Paper' was awarded to the following two papers:

  • 'The Effect of Obstacle Induced Wheel Load Fluctuations on the  Lateral Force  Transmission with the Hohenheim Tyre Model' by Alexander Bürger, Stefan Böttinger & Heinz Dieter Kutzbach
  • 'Measurement of Tire Carcass inside Deformation' by Glenn Guthrie, Theunis Botha, Carl Becker, Schalk Els, Ariana Sopher & Sally Shoop