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ISTVS holds a number of international conferences.

Call for Papers: 18th International ISTVS Conference in Seoul, Korea, 2014

The ISTVS Board of Directors at the meeting held in Blacksburg, Virginia, on September 18, 2011, decided to hold the next International ISTVS Conference at Seoul, Korea, in 2014.

It will be the 18th ISTVS International Conference and the second time a ISTVS conference will be held in Seoul: the first was the 5th Asian and Pacific Regional Conference held in 1998. Prof. Kyeong Uk Kim of Seoul National University, Conference Chairman, said conference preparation will be started in the next year and the conference website will be launched sometime in October 2012.

Prof. Kim has prepared a slidedeck of conference hhighlights that we've posted online for you to see here.

Conference highlights

When: 4th week of September 2014

Where: Hoam Faculty House of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

What: Plenary sessions, technical sessions, poster sessions, technical tour, social opportunities.


In the areas of:

Tires, wheels, and tracks

Soil and terrain

Operations on snow and ice

Vehicle mobility and safety

Agricultural and forestry machinery

Mining, earthmoving and construction machinery

Military vehicles

Performance assessment

Planetary rovers and mobile robotics

Education in soil-machine systems