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ISTVS holds a number of international conferences.

ISTVS thanks Dr Corina Sandu, 17th International Conference Chair

Dr Corina Sandhu at the conference in Blacksburg with her Virginia Tech graduate students.

Dr. Corina Sandu, our 17th International Conference Chair, has sent a letter of greeting to all the participants in this year's international ISTVS conference (below).

The ISTVS would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Sandu for chairing the 17th International Conference. As many of you will know, preparing for a conference is a tremendous amount of work, and running the conference itself requires excellent stamina and lots of quick thinking. Our Blacksburg participants received an excellent and professional conference, and also got to experience a region of the United States that is rich with history as well as a serious commitment to wheeled vehicles!

We are deeply grateful for your efforts for the 2011 Conference, Dr. Sandu.

ISTVS Board of Directors

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