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The Hohenheim Tyre Model: A validated approach for the simulation of high volume tyres – Part II: Validation

Paul Witzel
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 75, 2018, Pages 15-24, ISSN 0022-4898,

This publication series describes the development of the Hohenheim Tyre Model – an approach that considers the properties of high volume, agricultural tyres. The research project was conducted in accordance with the V-Model, which proposes a standardised development methodology for mechatronic systems. The previous publication described amongst others the model structure and parameterisation. This paper elucidates the validation, which is an essential part of the V-Model. Validation received special attention and is divided into three parts. First, three-dimensional tyre behaviour on level surfaces was investigated. Within the second step, single tyre behaviour is validated during obstacle passages. Similar obstacles were then used in the final step that shows up the correlation between measured and simulated whole vehicle behaviour. Throughout the validation avery high level of accuracy is achieved.

Keywords: Tyre model; Handling; Comfort analysis; Multi-body simulation