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Rolling deformation of truck tires: Measurement and analysis using a tire sensing approach

Yi Xiong, Ari Tuononen  
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 61, October 2015, Pages 33-42, ISSN 0022-4898,
Measurements on rolling tire deformation provide deep insights into the mechanism of generating tire forces and moments. For free rolling tires, substantial attention has been given to the rolling resistance because of its significant impact on the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This paper attempts to investigate the rolling resistance force through measurements of the rolling deformation of truck tires using a tire sensing approach. An optical tire sensor system is used to measure rolling tire deformation, which includes the deformed inner profile, sidewall deformation, and tread deformation. Measurements were conducted on a test truck for both new and used tires. In addition, the influences from operational factors such as wheel load and inflation pressure on tread deformation were examined and analyzed.  
Keywords: Tire deformation; Tire sensor; Rolling resistance; Tread deformation; Tire wear