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Particle flow mechanism into cable shovel dippers

R. Rasimarzabadi, T.G. Joseph
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 64, April 2016, Pages 10-22, ISSN 0022-4898,
Electric cable shovels are the most extensively used high-volume excavators in open pit mining. An improved understanding of the factors which affect the flow of broken material into the dipper during loading can help to evaluate the performance of the excavator, define the criteria for equipment selection and develop ways to mitigate equipment damage caused by broken particles. In this paper, the mechanism of granular material flow was investigated through a series of laboratory tests by moving 1:32 and 1:20 (cube root scale) models of a 44 m3 dipper through a test bin filled with angular crushed limestone. It was found that neither dipper angle nor hoist speed has significant influence on the general flow pattern. It was also found that the general flow mechanism is independent on the size of the dipper. Quantitatively, it was determined that hoist speed and pitch angle affect the productivity of the machine with lower pitch angle resulting in higher payload, and faster hoist speed results in shorter dig time. While both lower pitch angle and faster hoist speeds also produce a higher rate of energy consumption, overall both contribute to improved machine productivity.
Keywords: Particle flow; Cable shovel; Ground engaging tools; Dipper; Hoist speed