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Modeling, calibration and validation of tractive performance for seafloor tracked trencher

Meng Wang, Chao Wu, Tong Ge, Zhi Min Gu, Yuan Hong Sun
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 66, August 2016, Pages 13-25, ISSN 0022-4898,
Shear stress–displacement model is very important to evaluate the tractive performance of tracked vehicles. A test platform, where track segment shear test and plate load test can be performed in bentonite–water mixture, was built. Through analyzing existing literatures, two shear stress–displacement empirical models were selected to conduct verification tests for seafloor suitability. Test results indicate that the existing models may not be suitable for seafloor soil. To solve this problem, a new empirical model for saturated soft-plastic soil (SSP model) was proposed, and series shearing tests were carried out. Test results indicate that SSP model can describe mechanical behavior of track segment with good approximation in bentonite–water mixture. Through analyzing main external forces applied to test scaled model of seafloor tracked trencher, drawbar pull evaluation functions was deduced with SSP model; and drawbar pull tests were conducted to validate these functions. Test results indicate that drawbar pull evaluation functions was feasible and effective; from another side, this conclusion also proved that SSP model was effective.
Keywords: Shear stress–displacement; SSP model; Tractive performance; Drawbar pull; Seafloor tracked trencher