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Effectiveness evaluation of hydro-pneumatic and semi-active cab suspension for the improvement of ride comfort of agricultural tractors

Kyuhyun Sim, Hwayoung Lee, Ji Won Yoon, Chanho Choi, Sung-Ho Hwang  
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 69, February 2017, Pages 23-32, ISSN 0022-4898,  
Advances have been made to agricultural tractors to improve their ride comfort. However, the ride comfort of tractors is relatively low compared to that of passenger vehicles. Many researchers have developed various types of suspension for tractors. While most studies have focused on the geometry of the suspension, few studies have been carried out on the development of a control algorithm for tractor suspension.

In this paper, to improve the ride comfort of an agricultural tractor, a hydro-pneumatic suspension model with a semi-active suspension control is developed with computer simulation, and the effectiveness of the suspension is evaluated before the vehicle is equipped with the suspension and placed into production.

An optimal control algorithm for the semi-active suspension of the tractor is developed using a linear quadratic Gaussian. In the simulation, a hydro-pneumatic suspension system model is developed using SimulationX and is applied to a full vehicle model using MATLAB/Simulink. The suspension is assessed by experiments and simulations. The ride comfort using the ride comfort index according to ISO 2631 is evaluated by comparing a vehicle with a passive cab suspension to that with a hydro-pneumatic suspension applied with the semi-active control.  
Keywords: Agricultural tractor; Hydro-pneumatic suspension; Semi-active cab suspension; Ride comfort; Evaluation