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Development of a dynamometric vehicle to assess the drawbar performance of high-powered agricultural tractors

M. Cutini, C. BisagliaJournal of Terramechanics, Volume 65, June 2016, Pages 73-84, ISSN 0022-4898,
Agricultural tractors are machines originally designed to mechanize agricultural tasks, especially tillage and pulling. A large part of research activities have been interested in optimizing tractor efficiency, in particular in terms of emissions and energy. In this frame, the OECD Tractor Code 2 sets out a drawbar test in specific controlled conditions with the aim of evaluating the power of the tractor available at the drawbar. The principal measurement chain relies on dynamometric vehicles (DV) that are instrumented vehicles specifically engineered to develop horizontal force at the drawbar of agricultural tractors. The CREA Laboratory of Treviglio, Italy, engineered a new dynamometric vehicle to test tractors with up to 200 kW at the drawbar (245 kW at the engine flywheel) and a maximum of 118 kN drawbar force. The chosen basis is a FIAT 6605 N truck (TM 69 6 × 6) which has been transformed into a hydrostatic vehicle driven by a hydraulic system and an auxiliary gearbox. The maximum drawbar force was verified up to 122 kN. The drawbar power verification (200 kW) was successfully carried. The final verification confirmed that the project is valid for the investigation and optimization of the parameters regarding the traction efficiency of agricultural tractors. 
Keywords: Drawbar power; Driveline; Tractor efficiency; Agricultural tyres