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Application of the FEM/DEM and alternately moving road method to the simulation of tire-sand interactions

Chun-Lai Zhao, Meng-Yan Zang

Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 72, 2017, Pages 27-38, ISSN 0022-4898,
Abstract: The three-dimensional finite-discrete element method (FEM/DEM) is applied to the simulation of tire-sand interactions, where the tire is discretized into hexahedron finite elements and sand is modeled by using the discrete element method. The feasibility and effectiveness of the method are proven by comparing the simulation results with the current reported results. Since long test roads are usually required for investigating tire running behaviors, which lead to large-scale simulation models and time consuming problems, the alternately moving road method is proposed to handle this problem. It can simulate tire running behaviors on an arbitrary length sand road with a constant road length value. The numerical model of a lug tire running on a bisectional road with fine and coarse sand is established to verify the feasibility of the method.

Keywords: Finite element method; Discrete element method; Terramechanics; Computational mechanics; Tire-sand interactions