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Statistical modeling and comparison with experimental data of tire–soil interaction for combined longitudinal and lateral slip

Jonah H. Lee
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 58, April 2015, Pages 11-25, ISSN 0022-4898,
Abstract: The interaction of a tire with a soft terrain has multiple sources of uncertainties such as the mechanical properties of the terrain, and the interfacial properties between the tire and the terrain. These uncertainties are best characterized using statistical methods such as the development of stochastic models of tire–soil interaction. The quality of the models can be assessed via statistical validation measures or metrics. Although validation of stochastic tire–soil interaction models has recently been reported with good results, it involves longitudinal slip only without considering lateral slip which can occur simultaneously with longitudinal motion. This paper presents results of the validation of a simple stochastic tire–soil interaction model for the more complicated case of combined slip. The statistical methods used for validation include the development of a Gaussian process metamodel, the calibration of model parameters using the approach of the maximum likelihood estimate in conjunction with new test data. The validation of the calibrated model, when compared with test data, is obtained using four validation metrics with good results.
Keywords: Soil; Drucker–Prager; Slip angle; Validation metrics; Calibration; Bayesian; Metamodel; Stochastic; Gaussian process; Uncertainties