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Road surface condition identification approach based on road characteristic value

Bo Wang, Hsin Guan, Pingping Lu, Anjing Zhang
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 56, December 2014, Pages 103-117, ISSN 0022-4898,
Abstract: The real-time knowledge of road friction information has a significant role in vehicle dynamics control. In this paper, with the application of Burckhardt model, roads are classified into six types and a road identification approach based on “road characteristic value” is developed. Six kinds of road surface characteristic intervals which represent typical road characterization are proposed according to the closed area under the segment of road friction coefficient-slip ratio curve before a pre-defined slip ratio. In addition, a varying road monitoring and identification algorithm is proposed to identify varying road surface conditions, composing of an integral road surface identification approach with road characteristic value method. A vehicle dynamics model of 14 DOF including the excitation of road roughness is built, and the effectiveness of the approach is verified by the braking simulation tests on both a uniform friction coefficient uneven road and a variable friction coefficient uneven road. The simulation results show that the proposed approach can identify current road surface conditions effectively including road type, maximum road friction coefficient as well as optimal slip ratio, and it is robust to external disturbances. The application of road identification results in the optimal slip ratio control of vehicle electronic control braking system achieves good performance.
Keywords: Road surface identification; Road characteristic value; Variable road surface; Slip ratio control