Event//Cooperative Demonstration of Technology on Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model Development


We are happy to share this announcement for an upcoming event from ISTVS member Dr. Jean Dasch, TARDEC Chief Scientist Office, Alion Science & Technology.

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Cooperative Demonstration of Technology on Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model Development

Houghton, Michigan, USA
September 25th to 27th 2018

For participation in this meeting, please enroll online at the NATO STO Events Website:

This Collaborative Demonstration of Technology is open to NATO Nations, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Republic of Korea and South Africa.

Theme and Topics

When mobility predictions get it wrong, vehicles become immobilized, putting the soldiers at risk and jeopardizing mission success. Leveraging the most advanced physics models and modern computing power, NextGeneration NATO Reference Mobility Model (NG-NRMM) will improve our capability to predict the mobility of ground platforms over a wide range of terrains. NATO’s Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Panel formed Research Task Group AVT-248 to develop a NG-NRMM.

The NG-NRMM has the potential to significantly reduce procurement risks enabling alternative solutions to be considered. Secondly, it will provide operational decision makers with a tool for assessing their own and opposing vehicle mobility in the area of operations, which will increase confidence in mission planning and reduce the risk of mission failures due to compromised vehicles. The end result that will be demonstrated at the Collaborative Demonstration of Technology (CDT) event is a prototype process of loosely integrated technologies and tools contributed by the committee members and software developers.

• The purpose of the CDT is to demonstrate the enhanced mobility prediction capabilities of NG-NRMM vs. NRMM.

• Attendees will be introduced to the NG-NRMM technologies through a variety of presentations and demonstrations, where the differences with current NRMM will be highlighted.

• Participants will experience a physical demonstration of a military prototype vehicle performing select mobility tests in a variety of soil conditions and see the corresponding software simulation of the same tests with NG-NRMM and NRMM.


The mission of the Science & Technology Organization is to conduct and promote co-operative research and information exchange. STO consists of a three level organization: the Science and Technology Board, the Panels and the Technical Teams. The AVT Panel, comprising more than 1000 scientists and engineers, strives to improve the performance, reliability, affordability, and safety of vehicles through advancement of appropriate technologies. The Panel addresses platform technologies for vehicles operating in all domains (land, sea, air, and space), for both new and ageing systems.

Once your enrollment has been validated, you will be able to download a CDT brochure giving you further necessary details about the meeting.

Enrollment Deadline: 31 August 2018