ISTVS Resource Initiative

ISTVS Resource Initiative

To contibute to our broad terramechanics community, the ISTVS Board of Directors has launched an initiative to create wiki-based community resource guides in the thematic areas of terramechanics. Guides are being developed on all the themes relevant to ISTVS members.


Terramechanics Around the World
Memories and the history of ISTVS from its first 50 years

ISTVS Standards
These are definitions and terms commonly used in terrain-vehicle systems and terramechanics

Terramechanics Timeline
A graphic presentation of the main milestones and events in the development of Terramechanics

General Articles
Keynote articles and presentations from past ISTVS conferences and events

Short biographies of key researchers and engineers involved in the development of Terramchanics

Picture Gallery
Photographs from ISTVS conferences and events, field trips, test facilities, related to research, and off-road vehicles

Video Gallery
Field trips, off-road vehicles, simulations, guest lectures

Test & Experimental Techniques
Test methods and associated data processing, particularly single wheel and whole vehicle testing

Modeling & Analysis
Short description

Terramechanics Education Courses Worldwide
Education courses and post graduate training and research available in Terramechanics and related areas

Helpful Websites
Sources of general Terramechanics data and information on the internet

Specialist Fields

Areas of special interest in ISTVS
Editor: Alex Keen,

Construction equipment
Editor: Alex Keen,

Editors: George Mason,
Hoda Mousavi,

Editor: Alex Keen,

Editor: Alex Keen,

Editor: Alex Keen,

Editor: Alex Keen,

Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM)
The NATO Reference Mobility Model is a simulation tool aimed at predicting the capability of a vehicle to move over specified terrain conditions
Editor: Paul Ayers,

Planetary robotics
Editor: Lutz Richter,

Editor: Alex Keen,

Severe terrain
Including snow and ice
Editor: Alex Keen,

Tyre Models and Tyre Behaviour
Editor: Alex Keen,

ISTVS members interested in contributing to the creation of these resources are invited to contact:

Resource Initiative Team

» Dr. Alex Keen,
» Dr. Lutz Richter,
» Dr. Corina Sandu,
» Prof. Kazuyoshi Tateyama,

» Visit the ISTVS Resource Initiative Wiki