Resource Guide Intiative

ISTVS Resource Guide Initiative

To contibute to our broad terramechanics community, the ISTVS Board of Directors has launched an initiative to create resource guides in the thematic areas of terramechanics. Resource guides are being developed on all the themes of interest to ISTVS members.

ISTVS members interested in contributing to the creation of these pages are requested to contact:

» Dr. Lutz Richter
» Dr. Corina Sandu
» Dr. Alex Keen

Published Resource Guides

The ISTVS Resource Guide Initiative is launching with two guides:

» Planetary Robotics
» Terramechanics Standards

Planned Resources

Look for resource guides on these themes to be published in the coming months:

» Agricultural, earth-moving, and operating machinery
» Design, modeling, and simulation of terrain-vehicle systems
» Environment
» Planetary rovers, mobile robotics, and autonomous navigation
» Terramechanics
» Terrain characterization and evaluation
» Vehicle mobility, dynamics, and control
» Vehicle-terrain (soil, snow/ice, sand) interaction