MD//Admin How-To v2

Member Directory — Admin How-To

v2.0 2016-08-15 Mon

Instructions for ISTVS DGSs

  1. To view and use the member directory as a member would see it:
  2. To log into the member directory with your admin account (same login credentials):

Here are brief instructions for the various member administration tasks you might need to carry out. Click any image to the right to enlarge.

Welcome Screen:

  1. View Renewals Report with the top left button.
  2. View Edit Logs with top center button
  3. Add a New Member manually with the top right button.

Opening screen for  ISTVS GS/DGS admin access to Member Directory  (click to enlarge)


Full Member Profile, with renewal history since 2016 below (click to enlarge)

Edit Member Profile: contact information, Journal preferences, member status, admin notes  (click to enlarge)

Member Profile: View and Edit

  1. To edit a member profile: use the search box on the opening screen (above) to drill down to the correct member; click the "Full Profile" link in the first column of the table; click "Edit Member Profile" to make any changes.
  2. Mark a member as:
    active (renewed for current year) or
    inactive (nonrenewing, retired, etc.).