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2017 September 25–27 19th International & 14th European-African Regional Conference, Budapest
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2018 // 10th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Kyoto
2020 // 20th International Conference, Montreal

ISTVS is a connected group of professionals from industry, universities, and research institutions who have been meeting over five decades to share research findings — our international conferences form an amazing legacy since our first meeting in 1962 in Turin, Italy.

// 2016 //
ISTVS 8th Americas Conference
Detroit, September 12-14

Ground Vehicle Mobility, Agile Dynamics, and Energy Efficiency in Severe, Unsafe, and Non-Secure Environments of Roads and Unprepared Terrains

Join us for our 8th Americas Conference in Detroit, Michigan, September 12-14, 2016.

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The 8th Americas Regional Conference of the ISTVS will provide you a place where you can exchange ideas and receive technical information on current and future research and technology developments in terramechanics and terrain/road-vehicle system dynamics, control, and design.

The aim of the conference is to advance knowledge in terrain-vehicle and road-vehicle system dynamics and design and, thus, to discuss and suggest new frontiers and research directions, facilitate engineering practice, and benefit the society at large in the area of the energy conservation, environmental sustainability, safety, and cyber/physical security.

Commercial and personal transportation vehicle applications include:

  • Trucks and cars
  • Military vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Farm tractors and machinery
  • Unmanned ground vehicles for military, space exploration, and other areas

Conference Chairs

Prof. Vladimir Vantsevich
Chair of Conference
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Jeremy P. Gray
Co-Chair of Conference

Prof. Bharat Soni
Co-Chair of Conference
Tennessee Technological University

Exhibitor Information — Detroit

Companies and organizations in fields of interest are welcome to exhibit at the conference. Contact any of the conference chairs above for further detail.

Use the link below to register for the Detroit 2016 Conference as an Exhibitor:

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