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15th ISTVS Europe-Africa Regional Conference
Prague, September 8–11, 2019

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20th ISTVS International Conference
Montreal, September 2020

// 2018 //
Joint 10th Asia-Pacific Conference of ISTVS and 39th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Terramechanics
Kyoto, July 11-13

Join us for our 10th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Kyoto, Japan, July 11-13, 2018.

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This Asia-Pacific Conference of ISTVS will jointly be held with the 39th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Terramechanics. The conference is a good opportunity for researchers, engineers, or students who are interested in terramechanics, to exchange views or ideas on recent development in terrain-vehicle systems.

Main topics of the conference include:

  • Terramechanics, terrain/soil-wheel/tire/track interaction, modeling and characterization
  • Advances in mobility, energy transfer, efficiency, ground vehicle dynamics, safety
  • Land locomotion, off-road and military vehicles, operation snow and ice
  • Agricultural, forestry, construction, and mining equipment and vehicles
  • Mobile robotics for ground applications, planet exploration and other environments
  • Innovative system designs for terrain and road-vehicle applications
  • Application of bionics engineering to terramechanics

Conference Chairs

Dr. Hiroshi Nakashima
Chair of Conference
Kyoto University

Prof. T. Kobayashi
Secretary, Program Committee
Ritsumeikan University

Dr. T. Yokoyama
Secretary, Program Committee
Ritsumeikan University

Prof. K. Tateyama
Program Committee Chairman
Ritsumeikan University