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The International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems provides its members with information on the latest technological developments in the field and access to the larger community.

Join our Society — become a part of a tradition since 1962 of sharing and fostering advanced knowledge for terrain-vehicle systems with our small and very international membership.

Participation in ISTVS has been instrumental in connecting with colleagues from all over the world.

Membership categories

We have four categories of membership: Individual, Organization, Student, and ISTVS Fellows:

Individual Members

Individual members must fulfill one of the following requirements:

  1. Engineer or scientist active in research on terrain-vehicle systems or their applications;
  2. Other persons who have worked terrain-vehicle systems for at least two years and who hold or have held responsible positions in that area;
  3. Other persons deemed eligible because of outstanding accomplishments and their interest in the purposes of the Society.

Student Members

Those persons who are presently enrolled in an accredited educational curriculum who are interested in the activities of the Society can become student members.

Organization Members

Organization members may be educational, scientific, or industrial organizations who may choose this method of expressing their interest in the development or application of terrain-vehicle systems and who are considered acceptable by the appropriate Regional or National Secretary and/or the General Secretary or a Deputy General Secretary. Each Organization Member is entitled to three representatives, each of whom must meet the requirements of individual members.

ISTVS Fellows

Fellow members may be elected by the Board of Directors as those persons who have distinguished themselves in the field of terrain-vehicle research, or who have contributed outstanding service to the Society.


1. Join by Mail // Mail a check for the correct amount to ISTVS, 72 Lyme Rd, Hanover NH 03755 US.
2. Join Online // Select Individual or Organization below, then click Join Now. Complete the form to set up your initial ISTVS Member Profile, then click submit to proceed to the online payment form:

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Member Benefits

Members of the International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems are eligible for the following benefits.

  • receive the Society’s peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Terramechanics, published by Elsevier
  • in cooperation with the publisher of the Journal, develop links with more extensive online information services, in addition to the abstract service of the Journal
  • receive the Society’s newsletters reporting on new technological developments in the field
  • participate in web-based discussion forums on subjects of interest to membership
  • access the Society’s Member Directory to connect with members with shared interests
  • attend all business and other meetings of the Society except for meetings of the Board of Directors (which non-Board members may attend by prearrangement)