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The International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems has international collaborative agreements with related societies.  


International Society of Bionic Engineering

The International Society of Bionic Engineering was formed in 2010 following the success of the Journal of Bionic Engineering. Both were initiated and funded by Jilin University, China.  The ISBE newsletter serves as a platform to keep members abreast of developments in bionic engineering and the latest news of the ISBE.

ISBE Newsletter 2017, Issue 3 (September 2017)



Established in 1948, The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies — FISITA — is the international network for automotive engineers, representing over 200,000 engineers in 37 countries. The FISITA mission is to promote knowledge sharing among stakeholders in a way that positively contributes to the development of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions and helps guide the future direction of the global automotive engineering profession.