9th European Conference Newport

9th European Conference

Newport, UK, 2003
ISBN 978-1-942112-25-9, €80

  1. “Advances, and Challenges in Terramechanics ”, by Wong, J Y (Abstract)
  2. “Integrated Soil Tillage Force Prediction Models”, by Godwin, R G and O’Dogherty, M J (paper, presentation)
  3. “Military Terrain Vehicles”, by Hohl, G H (paper, presentation)
  4. “The Changing Role of Physical Testing in Vehicle Development Programmes”, by Wilkinson, P (paper, presentation)
  5. “An Excavation Torque Model for Dense Cohesionless Soils”, by Ambassah, N O and Fukagawa, R (paper, presentation)
  6. “Plate Sinkage Tests, Effects on Sandy Soils, and Implications for Mobility Modelling”, by Benoit, O, Shorten, D, Gotteland, Ph, and Godwin, R.J (paper, presentation)
  7. “Vehicle Behaviour in All-Terrain Conditions, Analysis Methods, and Driver Training”, by Chabrier, E and Ramaen, C (paper, presentation)
  8. “Vehicle Rolling Resistance Measurements in Sand, and Snow”, by Coutermarsh, B (paper, presentation)
  9. “Computer Modelling for the Traction Performance of Four Wheel Drive Tractors”, by du Plessis, H L M and Marais, C L (paper, presentation)
  10. “The Prevention of Off Road Tire Bursting”, by Eguchi, T and Muro, T (paper, presentation)
  11. “Novel Mobility, and Steerability Enhancing Concept of Articulated Tracked Vehicles”, by Fijalkowski, B T (paper, presentation)
  12. “Three Dimensional Visualization of the Excavation Mechanism for Dry Sandy Ground by a CT-Scan Technique”, by Fukagawa, R, Kobayashi, T, Tateyama, K, and Takahashi, H (paper, presentation)
  13. “New Modelling of Sinkage Tests for Mobility Study”, by Gotteland, P and Benoit, O (paper, presentation)
  14. “Monitoring the Safe Motion of Wheeled Vehicles Particularly on Slopes”, by Grečenko, A (paper, presentation)
  15. “Soil Parameters Used in Studies of the Mechanical Properties of Soil Dedicated to Vehicle Mobility, and to the Performance of Soil Engaging Implements”, by Grima, M (paper, presentation)
  16. “Compaction, and Good Practices in Eastern Turkey, Part II: A Preliminary Investigation into Technological, Socio-Economic, and Cultural Impediments to the Adoption of Good Agronomic, and Machinery Practices in Combating Compaction on the Narli Plain Irrigation Development, Eastern Turkey”, by Hall, N W, Marsh, D, Yilmaz, M K, Arslan S, Stuart-Menteath, N E, Parker, P, and Collier, T (paper, presentation)
  17. “ORSIS - News, and Further Developments”, by Harnisch, C, Lach, B, and Jakobs, R (paper, presentation)
  18. “The Use of Scale Model Testing to Investigate Soil-Vehicle Interaction”, by Hetherington, J G (paper, presentation)
  19. “Some Specific Aspects of Transmissions with Non-Kinematical Steering System for High Speed Tracked Vehicles”, by Ilijevski, Ž, Stojkovic, V, and Abrashi, A (paper, presentation)
  20. “Preliminary Study on the Dynamic Adhesion Between Soil, and Steel”, by Jianqiao Li, Baisheng Wang, and Yinwu Li (paper, presentation)
  21. “Machines for Mechanical Beach Cleaning”, by Kanzler, H (paper, presentation)
  22. “A Theoretical Study of the Soil Cutting Resistance Based on the Upper, and Lower Bound Theorems”, by Kobayashi, T and Fukagawa, R (paper, presentation)
  23. “Research on Static, and Dynamic Impacts on Mines Laid in Soil”, by Kuczmarski, F, Sprawka, P , and Wrona, J (paper, presentation)
  24. “Reduced Scale Soil scarification Tests: from Laboratory Results to Field Handling”, by Legendre, A, Bacconnet, C, Boissier, D, Froumentin, M, and Quibel, A (paper, presentation)
  25. “The Study on the Vehicle Train Combination’s Backward Movement Maneuverability”, by Li Shixiong and Tian Chunmei (paper, presentation)
  26. “Research of High Speed Articulated Wheel Tool-Carrier Steering Systems ”, by Lopatka, M and Muszynski, T (paper, presentation)
  27. “The Influence Of Teeth Wear On The Digging Process”, by Maciejewski, J, Jarzębowski, A, and Trąmpczyński (paper, presentation)
  28. “Comparing the NRMM (VCI), MMP, and VLCI Traction Models”, by Maclaurin, B (paper, presentation)
  29. “Digital Dirt”, by Mason, G L and Goerger, N (paper, presentation)
  30. “On-Board Diagnostics for Off Road Vehicles”, by Merkisz, J and Rychter, M (paper, presentation)
  31. “Development of a Machine for Humanitarian Mineclearance”, by Mikulić, D, Koroman, V, Stojkovic, V, and Seferovic, D (paper, presentation)
  32. “Alternative Methods of Predicting Pre-compression Stress on Soils with Low Structural Stability”, by Mosaddeghi, M R, Koolen, A J, Hemmat, A, Hajabbasi, M A, and Lerink, P (paper, presentation)
  33. “Studies of the Vibration-Assisted Cutting of Rock by Toothed Equipment”, by Muro, T, Tran, D T, Kamei, T, and O'Brien, J (paper, presentation)
  34. “Model-following Control System for Four-wheel Steering Farm Vehicle by Means of Robust Control Theory”, by Nishiike, Y and Umeda, M (paper, presentation)
  35. “Development of Microwave Power Transmission for Electrically Driven Off-Road Vehicles Power Transmission”, by Oida, A, Nakashima, H, Miyasaka, J,, and Yamada, S (paper, presentation)
  36. “An Analytical Model of an Agricultural Tractor Crossing a step obstacle”, by Parentelli, C, Underhill, T, and Keen,A (paper, presentation)
  37. “Influence of Ground Deformation on Off-Road Heavy Vehicle Vibration”, by Park, S, Popov, A A, and Cole, D J (paper, presentation)
  38. “Compaction, and Good Practices in Eastern Turkey, Part I: An Analysis of the Relative Contribution of Loading, and Shearing by Tractors, Smearing by Tillage Equipment, and Irrigation Water on Soil Compaction on the Narli Plain Irrigation Development, Eastern Turkey”, by Parker, P S, Hall, N W, Yilmaz, K, and Collier,T (paper, presentation)
  39. “Practical Specification of Suspension Via Modelling, and Computer Simulation”, by Passmore, S (paper, presentation)
  40. “The Influence of Non-metallic Dozer Track Elements on Their work on Quasi Rigid, and Deformable Ground”, by Poncyliusz, M M (paper, presentation)
  41. “Analysis of Soil Stress, and Deformation Under Off Road Vehicles”, by Pytka, J (paper, presentation)
  42. “Investigations of Soil Stress – Drawbar Pull Relationship for a Tracked Vehicle on Sand”, by Pytka, J, Tarkowski, P, Dąbrowski, J, , and Zajac, M (paper, presentation)
  43. “The Basic Characteristics of a Transport Vehicle which Uses a Steering Device that Avoids Damage to Soft Soil Between Ridges in Greenhouses”, by Sato, K and Yamashita, J (paper, presentation)
  44. “Whole-Body Vibration: Evaluation of Emission, and Exposure Levels Arising from Agricultural Tractors”, by Scarlett, A, Price, J S, and Stayner, R M (paper, presentation)
  45. “The Dynamic Characteristics of Off Road Tyres”, by Schlotter, V and Keen, A (paper, presentation)
  46. “Soil Parameter Mapping Using Real-time Soil Spectrophotometer”, by Shibusawa, S (paper, presentation)
  47. “Comparison of Different Zero-Slip-Definitions, and a Proposal to Standardize Tire Characteristics”, by Shreiber, M and Kutzbach, H D (paper, presentation)
  48. “The Measurement of Whole-Body Vibration Levels Produced by Electrically Powered Wheelchairs without Suspension”, by Swift, C (paper, presentation)
  49. “Modeling of a Semi-Active Hydropneumatic Spring-Damper System”, by Theron, N J and Schalk Els, P (paper, presentation)
  50. “An Attempt to Bring Discrete Element Method into Practical Use in Terrain/Vehicle/Machinery/Interaction Analysis”, by Tran, D T, Muro, T, and Mori, S (paper, presentation)
  51. “Validation of Handling Criteria”, by Uys, P E, Els, P S, Thoresson, M J (paper, presentation)
  52. “Industrial Input to Higher Education Off Road Vehicle Courses”, by Wakeham, G (paper, presentation)
  53. “The Principle, and Application of Visual Simulation for Vehicle Vibration”, by Wang Guoquan, Yuxin Feng, Xudongliu, and Yu Qun (paper, presentation)
  54. “Soil Disturbance in Forestry Problems with Heavy Machines”, by Wasterlund, I (paper, presentation)
  55. “Turning Characteristics of Multiaxle Vehicles”, by Watanabe, K, Yamakawa, J, Tanaka, M, and Sasaki, T (paper, presentation)
  56. “Structural Analysis of the Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV)”, by Watts, J (paper, presentation)
  57. “A Four-Track Steering Vehicle Model with Track Unit Rotation in The Pitch-Plane”, by Yamakawa, J, Watanabe, K, and Satoh, S (paper, presentation)
  58. “Flowing Power Analysis of a Wheel Co-Operating with the Deformable Ground”, by Zebrowski, J (paper, presentation)
  59. “Comparison of the Shear Stress-Displacement Relationships of Semi-Empirical, and Discrete-Element Models”, by Asaf, A, Rubinstein, D , and Shmulevich, I (presentation)
  60. “Engineering Tractors for Higher Speeds”, by Clay, R, and Hemingway, P (presentation)
  61. “The Effects of Different Field Operations on the Vibration Levels in an Agricultural Tractor”, by Ward, J, Howell, M, Dolman, D, and Shenton, S (presentation)