8th Americas Conference Detroit

8th Americas Conference

Detroit, Michigan, 2016
ISBN 978-1-942112-48-8, €95

Track 1. Terramechanics, locomotion and soil/terrain modeling

Symposium 1 — Recent accomplishments in terramechanics research and education

Session 1/2 — Co-chair: Prof. Corina Sandu and Prof. Peter Kiss

  1. “Code Enhancements, Upgrades and Bug Fixes – NRMM3.0”, by Susan Frankenstein and Paul W. Richmond (paper, presentation)
  2. “Modeling of Wheel-Soil Interaction Mechanisms Based on Accurate Measurement of Pressure Distribution for Lightweight Vehicle”, by Hiroki Tsubaki and Genya Ishigami (paper, presentation)
  3. “The Development Of High Performance Compliant Tires For Mars Rovers”, by Colin Creager, Kyle Johnson, and Scott Moreland (presentation)
  4. “Recent Terramechanics Related Activities At The Jet Propulsion Laboratory”, by Scott Moreland (presentation)

Session 2/2 — Co-chairs: Prof. Corina Sandu and Prof. Peter Kiss

  1. “Image Analysis and Classification Based on Soil Strength”, by Ariana Sopher, Sally Shoop, Jesse Stanley, and Brian Tracy (paper, presentation)
  2. “Temperature Distribution and Traction Measurements at the Tire-Ice Interface”, by Emilio Jimenez and Corina Sandu (paper, presentation)
  3. “i3: Imagine, Inspire & Innovate Environment – Transforming Vehicle Technology and Smart Mobility”, by Bharat Soni and Vladimir Vantsevich (presentation)

Symposium 2 — Locomotion systems

Session 1/1 — Co-chairs: Dr. George Mason, Dr. Mehari Tekeste, and Dr. Peter Schihl

  1. “Normal and Tangential Stresses on a Contact Surface of Tire by 2D FE–DEM”, by Kenta Nishiyama, Hiroshi Nakashima, Hiroshi Shimizu, Juro Miyasaka, and Katsuaki Ohdoi (paper, presentation)
  2. “On-line Estimation of Skid-Steer Instantaneous Centers of Rotation on GPS-Denied Environments”, by Jesse Pentzer, Jariulla Safi, Sean Brennan, and Karl Reichard (paper, presentation)
  3. “Experimental Investigation of Stuck Wheel Characteristics in Loose Sand”, by Takuya Omura and Genya Ishigami (paper, presentation)
  4. “Handling Friction and Contact in Vehicle/Granular- Terrain Interaction using a Differential Variational Inequality-based Approach”, by Daniel Melanz, Paramsothy Jayakumar, and Dan Negrut (paper, presentation)
  5. “Instrumentation and Testing of a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle”, by Ariana Sopher, Sally Shoop, Jesse Stanley, Schalk Els, Carl Becker, and Theunis Botha (paper, presentation)
  6. “Discrete Element Method Analysis for Slip of a Wheel Driving on the Off-Road Ground”, by JeseungMoon, Gwanyoung Kim, Soojin Lee, and Kyu-Jin Lee (presentation)
  7. “Motion Dynamics of Utopus Push-Pull Vehicle with Narrow Tines for Traction”, by Volker Nannen, Damian Bover, and Dieter Zöbel (presentation)

Symposium 3 — Soil and terrain modeling and characterization

Session 1/2 — Co-chairs: Prof. Lal Kushwaha, Dr. Alex Keen, and
David Ostberg

  1. “Electrostatic Charging Characteristics of Lunar Soil Simulants and Metal Plates ”, by Yuji MORI and Tadaomi EGUCHI (paper, presentation)
  2. “A Technical Survey on Equipment and Techniques for Testing and Parametrization of Soft Soil for Vehicular Applications ”, by Rui He and Corina Sandu (presentation)
  3. “Updating of Selected Vehicle-Terrain Interface Equations through Bayesian Calibration”, by Ian Dettwiller, Masoud Rais-Rohani, Farshid Vahedifard, George L. Mason, and Jody D. Priddy (paper, presentation)
  4. “Physically based Modeling of Deformable Soil for Machine Design and Operator Training”, by Daniel Holz, Ali Azimi, Michel Carignan, Marek Teichmann, and Jaehong Kim (paper, presentation)
  5. “FEM-based Terramechanics Analysis of Tire Traveling on Multi-Layered Ground”, by Shingo Ozaki, Hirotaka Suzuki, Shinya Kondo, and Kouji Uematsu (paper, presentation)
  6. “Displacement Patterns beneath a Rigid Beam Indenting on Layered Soil”, by Z.K. Jahanger, S.J. Antony, and L. Richter (paper, presentation)
  7. “Parameterization of Norfolk Sandy Loam Properties for Stochastic Modeling of Light In-Wheel Motor UGV”, by Mostafa A. Salama, Thomas R. Way, and Vladimir V. Vantsevich (paper, presentation)
  8. “Establishment of a Damping Model for Tire–Soil System”, by Cuong Do Minh, Ngoc Nguyen Thi, Hung Dinh Vuong, and Ran Ma (paper)

Session 2/2 — Co-chairs: Prof. Lal Kushwaha, Dr. Alex Keen, and
David Ostber

  1. “Measurement of Vehicle Performance Traveling on Asphalt-Paved Roads covered with Volcanic Ash”, by Junya Yamakawa, Yuki Yamashita, and Ryosuke Eto (paper, presentation)
  2. “Three-Dimensional Rut Profile Measurement in Snow and Mud”, by Sally Shoop, Carl Becker, and Ariana Sopher (paper, presentation)
  3. “Tire Slip and Slip Angle Measurement in Snow and Mud using Stereo Imaging System”, by Theunis Botha, Schalk Els, Sally Shoop, Glenn Guthrie, and Ariana Sopher (paper, presentation)
  4. “Comparison of Soil Strength Measurements of Agricultural Soils in Nebraska”, by Wendy Wieder, Sally Shoop, and Lynette Barna (paper, presentation)

Track 2. Advances in mobility, energy efficiency and ground vehicle dynamics

Session 1/2 — Co-chairs: Prof. Paul Ayers, Prof. Schalk Els, and
Kenneth D. Norman

  1. “Model for Run-Off Road Vehicle Speed Analysis”, by Shouxing Tang, László Máthé and Péter Kiss (paper, presentation)
  2. “Steady-State Characteristics of Skid- Steering for High-Speed Tracked Vehicles”, by Shouxing Tang, Shihua Yuan, Xueyuan Li, Junjie Zhou, and Jing Guo (paper, presentation)
  3. “Transient Tracked Vehicle Steering Model”, by Mehmet Nuri Özdemir, Varlık Kılıç, and Y. Samim Ünlüsoy (paper, presentation)
  4. “Driving Force Distribution for Independent Wheel Drive Vehicle on Rough Gound”, by Ryosuke Eto, Kazuomi Sakata, and Junya Yamakawa (paper, presentation)

Session 2/2 — Co-chairs: Prof. Paul Ayers, Prof. Schalk Els, and
Kenneth D. Norman

  1. “Off-Road Tyre State and Parameter Estimation”, by Herman A. Hamersma and P. Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  2. “Power Consumption Model for Slope Traversal of Wheeled Robot Based on Dynamic Simulation”, by Go Sakayori and Genya Ishigami (paper, presentation)
  3. “Measurement of Tire Carcass Inside Deformation”, by Glenn Guthrie, Theunis Botha , Carl Becker, Schalk Els, Ariana Sopher, and Sally Shoop (paper, presentation)
  4. “Evaluation of Digital Image Correlation Technique for Off- Road Mobility in All-Season Conditions”, by S. Shoop, S. Els, C. Becker, T. Botha, and A. Sopher (paper, presentation)

Track 3. Agricultural and forestry machines, construction and mining equipment

Session 1/2 — Co-chairs: Dr. Carol Plouffe and Dr. Thomas Way

  1. “The Effect of Obstacle Induced Wheel Load Fluctuations on the Lateral Force Transmission with the Hohenheim Tyre Model”, by Alexander Bürger, Stefan Böttinger, and Heinz Dieter Kutzbach (paper, presentation)
  2. “Seeding Equipment Dynamics at High Ground Speed”, by Ian W. Paulson, Scott D. Noble, and Allan T. Dolovich (paper, presentation)
  3. “Improvement of Computational Models of Tracked Timber Harvesting Machine Transmission Loading Depending on Movement External Conditions”, by Klubnichkin Vladislav E., and Klubnichkin Evgeny E. (paper, presentation)
  4. “Power Hop: Tractor ‐ Driveline Torsional Coupled Dynamics”, by Vladimir Vantsevich, Siyuan Zhang, and Thomas Way (paper, presentation)

Session 2/3 — Co-chairs: Dr. Carol Plouffe and Dr. Thomas Way

  1. “Combined Control of Semi-Active Axle and Cab Suspension”, by Jan Krüger and Henning J. Meyer (paper, presentation)
  2. “Evaluation of Low Inflation Tire Technologies on Soil Compaction”, by Mehari Tekeste, Thomas R. Way, Wayne Birkenholz, and Sally Brodbeck (presentation)
  3. “UTOPUS: A Novel Traction Mechanism to Minimize Soil Compaction and Reduce Energy Consumption ”, by Volker Nannen, Damian Bover, Dieter Zöbel, Blair M. McKenzie, and Moshe Ben Avraham (paper, presentation)
  4. “RFT-Based Analysis of Vehicle- Terrain Interaction Problems”, by Hirotaka Suzuki, Shingo Ozaki, Masatsugu Otsuki, Carmine Senatore, and Karl Iagnemma (paper, presentation)
  5. “The Efficiency of Agricultural Tractors Carrying out Field Cultivations”, by Alex Keen (paper, presentation)
  6. “Mapping of Soil Trafficanility in Nsukka, Nigeria using GPS and GIS”, by Ozoemena A. Ani, Benjamin B.Uzoejinwa and Godswill Chukwu (paper, presentation)

Session 3/3 — Co-chairs: Dr. Carol Plouffe and Dr. Thomas Way

  1. “Multi-Body Dynamics Model of an Agricultural, Tracked, Skid Steered Vehicle Towing a Heavy, Passive Load”, by Joshua T. Cook , Laura E. Ray, and James H. Lever (paper, presentation)
  2. “6X6 Terrain Articulated Truck: Driveline - Suspension Coupled Dynamics and Energy Efficiency Evaluation ”, by Vladimir Vantsevich and Jan Dersjö (paper, presentation)
  3. “ROPS Designs to Protect Operators during Tractor Rollovers”, by Paul Ayers , Farzaneh Khorsandi, Xinyan Wang, and Guilherme Araujo (paper, presentation)
  4. “Evaluation of 4 Years Rutting Experiments”, by Iwan Wästerlund (paper, presentation)
  5. “Good Vibrations”, by Gunnar Bygdén, Lage Burström and Iwan Wästerlund (paper, presentation)
  6. “Analysis and Experiment of Steady-State Steering of Tracked Vehicle under Concentrated Load Distribution”, by Guo Jing, Zou Tian-gang, Zhang Jin-le, Chen Bing, Wang Hong-yan, and Rui Qiang (paper, presentation)

Track 4. Mobile robotics for ground applications, planet exploration and other environments

Session 1/2 — Co-chairs: Dr. Lutz Richter and Prof. M. Blundell

  1. “Comparison of Machine Learning Approaches for Soil Embedding Detection of Planetary Exploration Rovers”, by Ramon Gonzalez, Stefan Byttner, and Karl Iagnemma (paper, presentation)
  2. “Measurement of the Torque required to Excavate the Regolith and Gravels on the Lunar Surface using a Small Scoop ”, by Meng Zou, Long Xue, Wei Zong, Zhenjia Zhao, Jianqiao Li (paper, presentation)
  3. “Research on Vertical Impact of Space Lander Footpad”, by Han Huang, Jianqiao Li, Baichao Chen, Wu Baoguang, and Zou Meng (paper, presentation)
  4. “Experimental Evaluation of the Scale Model Method to Simulate Lunar Vehicle Dynamics”, by Kyle Johnson, Vivake Asnani, Jeff Polack, and Mark Plant (paper, presentation)
  5. “UTOPUS Traction Technology: A New Method for Planetary Exploration of Steep and Difficult Terrain”, by Volker Nannen, Damian Bover, Dieter Zöbel, Francisco Parma, Katie Marascio, and Blair M. McKenzie (paper, presentation)
  6. “Inertia-based Propelled Underwater Robotic Vehicles Dymanics Modeling and Performance”, by Elżbieta M. Jarzębowska (paper, presentation)

Session 2/2 — Co-chairs: Dr. Lutz Richter and Prof. M. Blundell

  1. “Development of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Coastal Monitoring”, by Denis Zeziulin, Pavel Beresnev, Valeriy Filatov, Vladimir Makarov, Andrey Kurkin, and Vladimir Belyakov (paper, presentation)
  2. “Online Estimation of Wheel Sinkage and Slippage Using a TOF Camera on Loose Soil”, by Shoya Higa, Kenji Nagaoka, and Kazuya Yoshida (paper, presentation)
  3. “Novel Observation Method of the Unmanned Ground Vehicle with Articulated Suspension Wheel Force based on the Strain Measurement of the Rocker Arm”, by Zhang Xing (presentation)
  4. “High Wheel Slip Sinkage and Drawbar Pull in Deformable Soil: Mars Exploration Rover Wheel Mobility”, by J. B. Johnson, A. Kulchitsky, P. Duvoy, R. Arvidson, C. Creager, J. M. Moore, and F. Zhou (presentation)
  5. “Evaluation and Optimization of A 6x6 Independent Suspension Vehicle For Small Scale Robotic Dozing”, by Gregory Colvin and Dimi Apostolopoulos (paper, presentation)

Track 5. Military ground vehicle robotics

Session 1/1 — Co-chairs: Dr. Gregory Hudas and Dr. Jozsef Kovecses

  1. “The Next Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model Development”, by Michael McCullough, Paramsothy Jayakumar, Jean Dasch, and David Gorsich (paper, presentation)
  2. “Cooperative Teaming and Mobiliy in Autonomy-Enabled Convoys ”, by Dariusz G. Mikulski, Jeremy P. Gray, and Greg R. Hudas (paper, presentation)
  3. “The Identification and Demonstration of Plausible Cyber Threats against Military Vehicle Operations from Software Defined Radio ”, by Simon Ballantyne, Jeremy Bryans, Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, Mike Blundell (paper, presentation)
  4. “Analysis of Vehicle Platoon Movement during Military Exercises”, by Paul Ayers and Matthew Rice (paper, presentation)
  5. “Statistical Analysis on Loading of Tracked Vehicle in Steering Process”, by LI Shan-le,WANG Hong-yan,RUI Qiang,WANG Qin-long,and GUO Jing (paper)
  6. “Research on Parameters Modification for High Mobility Tracked Vehicle Dynamic model Based on Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms”, by Qinlong WANG, Hongyan WANG, and Qiang RUI (paper)

Track 6. Innovative system designs for terrain/road vehicle applications

Session 1/2 — Co-chairs: Dr. Jianbo Lu and Dr. Dariusz Mikulski

  1. “Multi-Track Drivetrain and Suspension for Hybrid and Electric All-Terrain Vehicles”, by Mikhail Kostkin and Alexander Popovich (paper, presentation)
  2. “Electronic Stability Control Testing of Military Wheeled Vehicles”, by Bernard E. Duplan and Gregory A. Schultz (paper, presentation)
  3. “Design and Simulation of a Pod-Based Mobility Concept”, by JingHan Fu, R.C. Hill, and Nassif Rayess (paper, presentation)
  4. “Soil Embedding Avoidance for Planetary Exploration Rovers”, by Ramon Gonzalez and Karl Iagnemma (paper, presentation)
  5. “Tire to Track Trasforming System (4TS)”, by Dan Laux and Jason Alef (paper, presentation)
  6. “Heavy Transport Systems with Active Transmission”, by Rinat Kurmaev, Sergey Shukhman and Vladimir Malyarevich (paper, presentation)
  7. “Mobility vs. Energy Efficiency of a 4x4 Hybrid-Electric Vehicle with an Active Driveline System”, by Blair K. Farley, Jesse R. Paldan, and Vladimir V. Vantsevich (paper, presentation)

Session 2/2 — Co-chairs: Dr. Jianbo Lu and Dr. Dariusz Mikulski

  1. “An Introduction to DROVE: Database Records for Off- Road Vehicle Environments”, by Farshid Vahedifard, James M. Williams, George L. Mason, Isaac L. Howard, and Jody D. Priddy (paper, presentation)
  2. “Lab-Based Development and Validation of ADAS”, by Kunal Patil (presentation)
  3. “Ground Vehicle Dynamic Stability Analysis with Ranking of Stabilizing Control Laws using the Sign Structure of its Stability Derivatives and Closed Loop Dynamics”, by Rama K. Yedavalli (paper, presentation)
  4. “An Analysis of a Wheel Speed Sensor Signal for Agile Tire Slippage Dynamics”, by Jesse Paldan, Vladimir Vantsevich, and Jeremy P. Gray (paper, presentation)