7th Americas Conference Tampa

7th Americas Conference

Tampa, Florida, 2013
ISBN 978-1-942112-44-0, €95

Track 1. Soil, Terrain Modeling and Characterization

  1. “Three-Dimensional Road Profiling Using Stereography”, by Pieter Schalk Els and Theunis Richard Botha (paper, presentation)
  2. “Comparison of Different Gas Models to Calculate the Spring Force of a Hydropneumatic Suspension”, by Sarel Francois van der Westhuizen and Pieter Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  3. “Off-Road Soft Soil Tire Model”, by Shahyar Taheri, Corina Sandu, Saeid Taheri, Scott Naranjo, Paramsothy Jayakumar, Brant Ross, and Daniel Christ (paper, presentation)
  4. “Development of a Laboratory-Based Dynamic Friction Tester”, by Mohammad Motamedi,Chuang Su, Michael J. Craft, Saied Taheri, and Corina Sandu (paper, presentation)

Track 2. Planetary Rovers and Mobile Robotics

  1. “PISCES — Robotics High-Fidelity Field Testing in Hawaii for Moon and Mars”, by John C Hamilton (paper, presentation)
  2. “Dynamics Simulation of Rovers On Soft Terrain: Modelling and Experimental Validation”, by Ali Azimi, Daniel Holz, Jozsef Kövecses, Jorge Angeles, and Marek Teichmann (paper, presentation)
  3. “Design of a High-Traction Flexible Wheel for the Next Generation of Manned Lunar Rovers”, by Louis Corriveau, Alain Desrochers, Claude Gagnon, and Raymond Panneton (paper, presentation)
  4. “Resistive Force Theory Predicts Locomotion of a Legged Robot On Granular Media”, by Tingnan Zhang, Chen Lim and Daniel I. Goldman (paper, presentation)
  5. “High-Fidelity and Efficient Rover Mobility Modelling and Simulation Based On Plasticity Theory”, by Ali Azimi, Daniel Holz, Jozsef Kövecses, Jorge Angeles, and Marek Teichmann (paper, presentation)
  6. “Flexible Body Simulation for Lunar Soil Based on Abaqus and Adams”, by Jianqiao Li (paper, presentation)
  7. “Experimental Study on the Influence of Gravity to Penetration Resistance of Lunar Soil Simulant”, by Jianqiao Li, Ruiyang Shi, Shichao Fan, Men Zou, Yanjing Yang, and Ling He (paper, presentation)
  8. “Hopper-Flow of Lunar Regolith Simulants in Reduced Gravity and Vacuum”, by Philipp Reiss, Philipp Hager, and Alexander Hoehn (paper, presentation)

Track 3. Tires, Wheels and Track Modeling

  1. “Predicting Traction of a Tire on Soil Using Continuum Approach”, by Anoop Varghese, Brian Steenwyk, and John Turner (paper, presentation)
  2. “Experimental Study of Lightweight Tracked Vehicle Performance on Dry Granular Materials”, by Carmine Senatore, Paramsothy Jayakumar, and Karl Iagnemma (paper, presentation)
  3. “Comparison of DEM and Traditional Modeling Methods for Simulating Steady-State Wheel-Terrain Interaction for Small Vehicle”, by William Smith, Daniel Melanz, Carmine Senatore, Karl Iagnemma, and Huei Peng (paper, presentation)
  4. “Experimental Testing of an Off-Road Tire in Soft Soil”, by Scott Naranjo, Corina Sandu , Shahyar Taheri, Saied Taheri, Paramsothy Jayakumar, Brant Ross, and Daniel Christ (paper, presentation)
  5. “Stochastic Terrain Properties — Vehicle Interaction for Agile UGV Dynamics”, by Mostafa Salama and Vladimir V. Vantsevich (paper, presentation)
  6. “Real-Time Non-Linear Vehicle Dynamics Prediction Model”, by Pieter Schalk Els and Bernard Linström (paper, presentation)
  7. “Predicting the Mobility of Tracked Forestry Machines Operating on Nordic Forest Soil”, by Ulf Sellgren, Abdurasul Pirnazarov, Revathi Palaniappan, and Björn Löfgren (paper, presentation)

Track 4. Agricultural and Earth Moving Equipment

  1. “Model-Based Development of Safety-Relevant Electronic Control Systems for Agricultural Machines”, by Massimo Martelli, Silvia Gessi and Emanuele Tonini (paper, presentation)
  2. “Environmental Impacts of a Tractor Working on Different Soil Structures”, by Marie-France Destain (paper, presentation)
  3. “A Comparison of Novel Chassis Suspended Machines for Sustainable Forestry”, by Ulf Sellgren, Abbos Ismoilov, Kjell Andersson, and Björn Löfgren (paper, presentation)
  4. “Development of a Methodology for Predicting the Bearing Capacity of Rooted Soft Soil”, by Ulf Sellgren, Abdurasul Pirnazarov, and Björn Löfgren (paper, presentation)

Track 5. Operation on Soil, Vegetation, Snow, and Ice

  1. “Responses of Tall-Grass Prairie to Anthropogenic Impacts”, by Heidi R. Howard , Daniel Koch , Andrew Fulton , Casey Campbell and George Gertner (paper, presentation)
  2. “Experimental Measurement of Biomass Impact on Soil Strength”, by Sally A Shoop , Timothy Cary and Heidi R. Howard (paper, presentation)
  3. “Above and Below Ground Biomass Effects on Soil Strength and Trafficability”, by Timothy Cary, Dustin Kafka, and Heidi R. Howard (paper, presentation)
  4. “Root Structure Role in Soil Shear Strength”, by Andrew Fulton, Daniel Koch, George Gertner, and Heidi R. Howard (paper, presentation)
  5. “Off-Road Vehicle Training Impacts on Soil and Vegetation”, by Alex M. Effinger, A. Fulton, and H. Howard (paper, presentation)
  6. “Instrumented Below Ground Biomass Sampler”, by Jose Silvestre-Soto Sr., Kelley MacDonald, and Sally A Shoop (paper, presentation)
  7. “Validation of the Vegetation and Soil Shear Tester (VASST) with Existing Soil Strength Instruments”, by Kelley MacDonald and Sally A Shoop (paper, presentation)

Track 6. Vehicle Dynamics, Mobility and Safety

  1. “Military Vehicle Off-Road Axle Power Requirements as Related to Soil and Tire Compression”, by Paul Ayers, Daniel Wade, and Matt Ellison (paper, presentation)
  2. “Data Acquisition and Parameterization Procedure for Large, Off-Road Tires”, by Joachim Stallmann and Pieter Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  3. “The Effect of Controllable Suspension Settings on the ABS Braking Performance of an Off-Road Vehicle on Rough Terrain”, by Pieter Schalk Els, Theunis Richard Botha, Herman Adendorff Hamersma, Carl Martin Becker, Dzmitry Savitski, Lukas Heidrich, and Kristian Höpping (paper, presentation)
  4. “A Method For Unmanned Ground Wheeled Vehicle Mobility Estimation In Stochastic Terrain Conditions”, by Jeremy P Gray, Vladimir V Vantsevich, Alexandre Opeiko, and Greg R Hudas (paper, presentation)
  5. “The Shearing Edge of Tracked Vehicle: Soil Interactions in Path Clearing Applications Utilizing Multi-Body Dynamics Modeling & Simulation”, by Joseph B. Raymond and Paramsothy Jayakumar (paper, presentation)
  6. “Calibration and Validation of a Lower-Order Soil Compaction Model Under Non-Uniform Tire Loads Applied by a Dynamic Vehicle Model”, by Justin Madsen, Paul Ayers, and Dan Negrut (paper, presentation)

Track 7. Terramechanics

  1. “Experimental Study of Pneumatic Tire Performance on Ice”, by Anudeep Kishore Bhoopalam and Corina Sandu (paper, presentation)
  2. “Effects of Bionic Dumbbell-Shaped Jute Fibers on the Friction Performance of Friction Materials”, by Yunhai Ma, Yucheng Liu, Jie Peng, Li Guo, Junjie Sun, and Jin Tong (paper, presentation)
  3. “Three-Dimensional Imaging for Sand Under Wheels: Application of PEPT to Terramechanics”, by Tetsuya Kinugasa, Kenya Kuwagi, Thomas W. Leadbeater, Joseph Gargiuli, David J. Parker, Jonathan P. K. Seville, Koji Yoshida, and Hisanori Amano (paper, presentation)
  4. “Stochastic Modeling and Uncertainty Cascade of Soil Bearing and Shearing Characteristics for Light-Weight Vehicle Applications”, by Paramsothy Jayakumar, Daniel Melanz, Jamie MacLennan, Carmine Senatore, and Karl Iagnemma (paper, presentation)
  5. “Recommendation of a Next-Generation Terramechanics Experimentation Capability for Small Ground Vehicle Systems”, by Paramsothy Jayakumar, Daniel Melanz, and William Smith (paper, presentation)
  6. “A Dynamic Simulation/Optimization Model for Scheduling Restoration of Degraded Military Training Lands”, by Hayri Onal, Sahan Dissanayake, Gauthier Pitois, Scott Tweddale, and Philip Woodford (paper, presentation)