5th Asia-Pacific Conference Seoul

5th Asia-Pacific Conference

Seoul, Korea, 1998
ISBN 978-1-942112-33-4, €75

Track 1. Soil-Tool Interaction

  1. “Simulation of the Resistive Forces acting on the Bucket of Wheel Loader by use of DEM”, by H. Takahashi (paper, presentation)
  2. “Development of Multi-Tool Powered Shovel”, by N. Ito (paper, presentation)
  3. “Theoretical Evaluation of the Action of a Cutting Bit used in Excavation of a Rock Mass”, by R. Fukagawa, S. Takeshita, T. Fukuzumi, and E Kinoshita (paper, presentation)
  4. “Puddling Harrow for Precise Paddy Preparation Using Horizontal Balance Control”, by S. O. Chung, S. C Kim, K. N. Joo, and S. J. Hwang (paper, presentation)
  5. “Basic Experiments on Adhesion between Clay and Solid Surfaces”, by R. Fukagawa, T. Tamai, T. Kobayashi, and S. Matsuno (paper, presentation)
  6. “Studies on reducing Soil Adhesion on Rotary Tiller Cover”, by X. L. Wang, N. Ito, nd K. Kito (paper, presentation)
  7. “Effect of Skew Angle on Wear Characteristics of Roller Cutter Bit of T.B.M for Excavating Hard Rock Mass”, by T. Muro, K. Kohno, and Y. Wakabayashi (paper, presentation)
  8. “Effect of Lateral Pitch of Point Attack Bit on Impact Cutability on Mortar”, by T. Muro, M. Nobumoto, and H. Umakoshi (paper, presentation)
  9. “Influence on Soil Compaction of Vibrating Rollers with Different Vibration Mechanisms”, by K. Uchiyama, Y. Kanamori, Y. Nohse, and A. Mitsui (paper, presentation)

Track 2. Soil Properties

  1. “Measurement of Three-Dimensional Soil Failure and Deformation by Superposition Method”, by H. P. W. Jayasuriya and V. M. Salokhe (paper, presentation)
  2. “Resistivity Cone Penetration Performance for Monitoring Contaminated Plume”, by M. Fukue, T. Minato, N. Moriyama, and N. Taya (paper, presentation)
  3. “Behavior and Holding Capacity of Drag Anchors in Sand”, by H. Sato and M. Fukue (paper, presentation)
  4. “Effects of Weight Mass and Drop Height on Vertical Distribution of Dry Density of Sandy Soil in One-Dimensional Impact Compaction”, by S. Kawahara and T. Muro (paper, presentation)
  5. “Three-Directional Contact Stress Distributions for a Pneumatic Tractor Tire in Soft Soil”, by H. G. Jun, T. Kishimoto, T. R. Way, T. Taniguchi, and K. S. Lee (paper, presentation)

Track 3. Soil-Vehicle Interactions

  1. “Application of DEM to find the Interaction between Tire and Soil”, by S. Ohkubo, A. Oida and M. Yamazaki (paper, presentation)
  2. “Utilization of ADAMS to predict Tracked Vehicle Performance”, by J. Slättengren (paper, presentation)
  3. “Study on the Vibratory Roller-Ground Interaction and its Application to the Control of a Roller”, by K. Tateyama and T. Fujiyama (paper, presentation)
  4. “Analysis of Stress Distribution under a Wheel using a Finite Element Method with Loading and Unloading Soil Models”, by T. Hiroma, K. Abe, T. Kataoka, and Y. Ota (paper, presentation)
  5. “Effect of Horizontal Vibro-Compaction of a Tracked Vehicle on High Lifted Decomposed Granite Soil”, by T. Muro, T. Mitsubayashi, and K. Takarada (paper, presentation)
  6. “Layer Mixing Performance of Different Blades of Reverse-Rotational Rotary Tiller”, by T. Kataoka, K. Onodera, S. Shibusawa, and Y. Ota (paper, presentation)

Track 4. Trial in Terramechanics towards Environmental Conservation

  1. “Subsurface Geotechnical Characteristics on Granite Soil Reinforced by Roots Network”, by M. Mukaitani (paper, presentation)
  2. “Precision Farming and Terramechanics”, by S. Shibusawa (paper, presentation)
  3. “Impacts of Soil Compaction on Environment”, by K. Ohmiya (paper, presentation)
  4. “The Role and Capability of Compaction Equipment in the Alleviation of Environmental Problems associated with Waste Disposal”, by Y. Nohse (paper, presentation)
  5. “Crack Pattern Analysis for Sludge Moisture Prediction”, by P. O. Bodun, S. Shibusawa, A. Sasao, and K. Sakai (paper, presentation)
  6. “Enhancement of Dredged Materials Drying Speed by incorporation of In-Situ Dried Sludge”, by S. Shibusawa, S. Yoneda, P. O. Bodun, A. Sasao, and K. Sakai (paper, presentation)
  7. “A new Dewatering System for Slurry using Planetary Rotation Chambers”, by T. Mohri, K. Tateyama, and K. Mori (paper, presentation)
  8. “Study on Development of an Electric Agricultural Vehicle for Preventing the Global Warming”, by H. Fujimoto, A. Oida, K. Fukushima, R. Masuo, H. Shimizu, and M. Yamazaki (paper, presentation)
  9. “Sustainable Tillage System in Korea”, by W. P. Park, I. K. Jung, Y. C. Chang, and S. Y. Jung (paper, presentation)
  10. “Geotechnical Properties of the Improved Dredged Soil with Air Foam and Cement Slurry”, by Y. Hayashi, A. Suzuki, and Y. Kitazono (paper, presentation)

Track 5. Traction

  1. “Optimizing the Tractive Performance of Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors in the Field”, by J. Y. Wong, N. B. Mclaughlin, J. Li, and B. Burtt (paper, presentation)
  2. “Analysis of Transmission Loads of Agricultural Tractors”, by J. H. Kim, D. C. Kim, and K. U. Kim (paper, presentation)
  3. “Precise Prediction of the Traveling Performance for a Rigid Wheel”, by M. Ueno, M. Oomine, T. Shikanai, K. Hashiguchi, and T. Okayasu (paper, presentation)
  4. “Waveform Analysis of Drawbar Pull of a Rigid Wheel by FFT”, by M. Ueno, K. Fukani, T. Shikanai, K. Hashiguchi, and T. Okayasu (paper, presentation)
  5. “Traction Prediction on a Sandy Loam Soil for a Single Wheel Tester”, by A. Keen (paper, presentation)
  6. “Prediction of Tractive Performance of Tracked Vehicles using a Computer Simulation Model”, by W. Y. Park and K. S. Lee (paper, presentation)

Track 6. Vehicle Control

  1. “Autonomous Loading of Rocks by use of Intelligent Loaders with a Vision System - A Concept of Autonomous Loading and Path Generation”, by Y. Konishi and H. Takahashi. (paper, presentation)
  2. “Intelligent Drilling by Automatic Control of Position and Orientation of Drill Head of Crawler Drill Machine”, by H. Suzuki and H. Takahashi (paper, presentation)
  3. “Attitude Control of a Tractor for the Slope Land Use - Model Test”, by S. S. Lee, H. Hwang, K. S. Oh, and J. S. Shim (paper, presentation)
  4. “Steering Characteristics of Four-Track Steering Vehicles considering Traction Force and Track Speed Distribution Control”, by K. Watanabe, M. Imamura, M. Kitano, and J. Yamakawa (paper, presentation)
  5. “The Application of the Fuzzy Logic Control Technology in the Study of Intelligently Vehicle Control”, by S. Li and Q. Yu (paper, presentation)
  6. “Millimeter Wave Doppler Radar Ground Speed Sensor for Low Speed Off-Road Vehicle”, by K. Ohmiya, T. Izumi, and H. Kishi (paper, presentation)