3rd European Conference Warsaw

3rd European Conference

Warsaw, Poland, 1986
ISBN 978-1-942112-19-8, €30

Chapter 1. Mechanics of Soil

  1. “Base de la modelisation d' un espace poral des milieux formes des particule”, by Czahor H., Guennelon R., and Gros R. (paper, presentation)
  2. “Failures and volume change behaviour of agricultural soils”, by Hatibu N. and Hatiarachi D.R.P (paper, presentation)
  3. “Research in soil bins”, by Karcezewski T. (paper, presentation)
  4. “Experiments on shear and deformation of loose sand under plate-groser, Part I”, by Kogure K., Kuwa F., and Matsumoto N. (paper, presentation)
  5. “The experimental verification of the mechanical models of soil medium”, by Konstankiewicz K. (paper, presentation)
  6. “A photoelastic method of determining stresses in the soil” by Pietruszewski S. (paper, presentation)
  7. “Applicalbility of asymptotic curves to describe test results from direct shearing of soil”, by Poncvliusz M. (paper, presentation)
  8. “Lower bound estimation of the motion resistance of a perfectly cohesive medium”, by Ponder B. (paper, presentation)
  9. “On the different theoretical approaches in soil mechanics”, by Pukos A. (paper, presentation)
  10. “Correlation between cone index and load carrying capacity of forestry soils under varying environmental conditions”, by Sitkel G. and Kiss T. (paper, presentation)
  11. “Метод регистралия и реаультатк измерений упдотняомего воздействия двикитедея тракторов на лочву”, by Судаков А.В., Охитин А.А, and Банкин М.Л. (paper, presentation)
  12. “Kenory effect in soil subject to repeat loading process in triaxial apparatus”, by Szwaj S. (paper, presentation)
  13. “Displacement behaviour of earth dump”, by Tyro G. (paper, presentation)