19th International Conference Budapest

19th International & 14th European-African Regional Conference

Budapest, Hungary, 2017
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Plenary — St. Christopher Lecture, Hungarian Defence Forces Logistics Center and Rába Axle Ltd Presentation

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Peter Kiss

  1. “New Challenges and Opportunities for Terramechanics”, by Prof. György Sitkei (paper, presentation)
  2. “The Mission and Task of the Hungarian Defence Forces Logistics Center”, Brigadier General István Baráth (presentation)
  3. “Development of RABA Agricultural Axles and Latest Technologies”, by Dr. Mark Lelkes (presentation)

Track 1 — Innovative System Designs for Terrain and Road-Vehicle Applications

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Kyeong Uk Kim

  1. “Influencing Factors of Torque Transmissibility in Dry Friction Clutches”, by Gábor Magdics and Prof. Peter Kiss (paper, presentation)
  2. “Soil Property Chacterisation and Evaluation by Various Image Acquisition Techniques”, by Shwetha Shivanna, Dr. Takaaki Yokoyama, and Dr. Kazuyoshi Tateyama (paper, presentation)
  3. “Application of Tire Rating with Aim to Implement the Matter on Agricultural Tires”, by Dr. Patrik Prikner, Prof. Alexandr Grecenko, and Dr. Radek Pražan (paper, presentation)
  4. “Real-Time Vehicle Measurements Using Image Correlation”, by Devin K. Johnson, Dr. Theunis R. Botha, Prof. P. Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  5. “A Foundation for Real-Time Tire Mobility Estimation and Control”, by Prof. Vladimir Vantsevich, Prof. Andriy Lozynskyy, Dr. Lyubomyr Demkiv, and Sviatoslav Klos (paper, presentation)

Track 2 — Mobile Robotics for Ground Applications, Planet Exploration and Other Enviroments

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Dr. Hiroshi Nakashima

  1. “Dynamical Modeling and Simulation of the Four-Wheel Micro Rover in Sandy Terrain”, by Takuto Oikawa, Nicolo Carletti, and Prof. Kazuya Yoshida (paper, presentation)
  2. “Experiment Study on Durability of the Bionic Wheels for Mars Rovers”, by Prof. MENG ZOU, Dr. YUNPENG YAN, Dr. BAOFENG YUAN, Dr. YUNCHENG LIN, and Prof. JIANQIAO LI (paper, presentation)
  3. “Reaction Force/Torque Sensing Wheel System for In-Situ Monitoring on Loose Soil”, by Dr. Shoya Higa, Dr. Kenji Nagaoka, Prof. Kazua Yoshida (paper, presentation)
  4. “Utilization of Shape Memory Alloys in a Novel, Non-Pneumatic Tire for High Load Applications”, by Dr. Santo Anthony Padula II, Colin Creager, Darrell Gaydosh, and Kyle Johnson (paper, presentation)
  5. “Compliant Niti Spring Tire with High Envelopment Capability for Mars”, by Colin Creager, Dr. Santo Padula II, Dr. Scott Moreland, and Kyle Johnson (paper, presentation)

Track 3 — Agricultural, Forestry, Construction, and Mining Equipment and Vehicles

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Dr. Patrik Prikner

  1. “Developing a Method of Theoretical Evaluation of the Tracked Timber Harvesting Machine Undercarriage Element Loading”, by Vladislav Klubnichkin, Evgeny Klubnichkin, and Prof. George Kotiev (paper, presentation)
  2. “Effect of Rammer Groud Pressure for Compaction Performance”, by SOTA SHIMATANI and Dr. TADAOMI EGUCHI (paper, presentation)
  3. “Modeling of Sideways Overturning Behavior of an Agricultural Carrier on Slope Using a Physics Engine”, by Dr. Chaoran Sun, Prof. Hiroshi Nakashima, Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu, Juro Miyasaka, and Katsuaki Ohdoi (paper, presentation)
  4. “Study of Working Efficiency of a Remote Control Type Hydraulic Excavator”, by Dr. Takeshi Hashimoto, Kenichi Fujino, and Dr. Scinichi Yuta (paper, presentation)
  5. “Theoretical Foundations of Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of the Timber-Harvesting Vehicles on Forest Soils in the Course of Logging”, by Vladislav Klubnichkin, Evgeny Klubnichkin (paper, presentation)

Track 4 — Advances in Mobility, Energy Transfer, Efficiency, Ground Vehicle Dynamics, Safety

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Corina Sandu

  1. “HIL-Testbench for Simulation of Light Commercial Vehicles Equipped by ESC”, by Anton Tumasov, Anatoly Groshev, Evgeny Toropov, and Viktor Kryaskov (paper, presentation)
  2. “The Most Effective Passive Control of a Suspension”, by Alexander Pieper and Prof. Khanh Chau Le (paper, presentation)
  3. “Modelling and Validation of ABS and Tyre Interaction on Rough Terrain”, by Nico A. van der Merwe, Dr. Vidas Žuraulis, Odette Scholtz, and Prof. Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  4. “Investigating Different Vehicle Velocity Estimators and an Adaptive Kalman Filter for Anti-Locking Braking Systems for Off-Road Vehicles”, by Alexander Etienne Berndt, Wietsche Clement William Penny, and Prof. Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  5. “Study of the Effects of Caster Trail and Kingpin Offset on Kinematics and Lateral Dynamics of Long Wheelbase Solid Axle Bus”, by Sagar Jambukar and Prof. Sujatha C (paper, presentation)

Track 5 — Terramechanics, Terrain/Soil-Wheel/Tire/Track Interaction, Modeling and Characterization

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Vladimir Vantsevich

  1. “Procedure For the Creation of Terrain Files for Mobility Analysis Utilizing Satellite Imagery”, by Prof. George Lamar Mason (paper, presentation)
  2. “A Comparative Analysis of Destructive Forces Resulting from Road Profile Acting on Off-Road Towed Vehicles”, by Dr. László Gurmai and Prof. Péter Kiss (paper, presentation)
  3. “A Technical Survey on Terminology, Testing Methodologies, and Equipment Used in Modeling and Parameterization of Soft Soil for Vehicular Applications”, by Rui He, Aamir Khan, A. Glenn Guthrie, Prof. Corina Sandu, and Prof. Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  4. “A Wheel Rotational Velocity Control Strategy for an Open-Link Locomotion Module”, by Prof. Vladimir Vantsevich, Prof. Andriy Lozynskyy, and Dr. Lyubomyr Demkiv (paper, presentation)
  5. “Rolling Resistance Tests of ATV Tire”, by Karol Konczalski, Dr. Marian Janusz Lopatka, and Dr. Tomasz Muszynski (paper, presentation)

Track 6 — Terramechanics, Terrain/Soil-Wheel/Tire/Track Interaction, Modeling and Characterization

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Schalk Els

  1. “Dynamic 3D Measurement of Tire-Terrain Interaction”, by Alan Glenn Guthrie, Dr. Theunis Richard Botha, Emilio Jimenez, Prof. Schalk Els, and Prof. Corina Sandu (paper, presentation)
  2. “Effect of Frontal Profile Shape of Rigid Wheel Tread on Traveling Performance on Sandy Soil”, by Dr. Ryosuke Eto, Hiroki Yabe, and Prof. Junya Yamakawa (paper, presentation)
  3. “Measurement of Tire Characteristics Traveling in Actual Ground Environment with an Instrumented Vehicle”, by Prof. Junya Yamakawa (paper, presentation)
  4. “The Influence of Spatial Database Quality on Modelling of Vehicle Movement in Terrain”, by Vaclav Talhofer, Marian Rybansky, Martin Bures, and Katerina Simkova (paper, presentation)
  5. “Dynamic Simulation of Wheeled Vehicles: Models and Algorithms”, by Albert Peiret, Lazlo Kovacs, Daniel Holz, Marek Teichmann, and Jozsef Kovecses (paper, presentation)

Track 7 — Land Locomotion, Off-Road and Military Vehicles, Operation Snow and Ice

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Dr. Alex Philip Keen

  1. “Calculation of Traction Capabilities of Wheeled Vehicles On Low-Pressure Tires on Snow”, by Dr. Alexey Anikin, Prof. Vladimir Belyakov, Dr. Denis Zeziulin, and Dr. Vladimir Makarov (paper, presentation)
  2. “Discrete Element Snow Model for Impact Loading”, by Thiemo Claas Theile, Denes Szabo, Martin Schneebeli, Yoshio Kaji, Kazumasa Hagiwara, and Shintaro Hatanaka (paper, presentation)
  3. “The Impact of Drainage on Terrain Vehicle Movement”, by Dr. Marian Rybansky (paper, presentation)
  4. “Durability Assessment: A Virtual Proving Ground Approach”, by László Takács, and Gergely Erdos (paper, presentation)
  5. “Off-Road Locomotion Capability In The Hungarian Defence Forces”, by Szabolcs Vágner (paper, presentation)
  6. “Advanced Tire-Ice Model for Pneumatic Tire Performance”, by Emilio Jimenez and Prof. Corina Sandu (paper, presentation)

Track 8 — Terramechanics, Terrain/Soil-Wheel/Tire/Track Interaction, Modelling and Characterization

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Junya Yamakawa

  1. “The Effects of Age on The Stiffness Properties Of A Suv Tyre”, by Kraig Wright, and Prof. Schalk Els (paper, presentation)
  2. “Three-Dimensional Dynamic Model for Off-Road Vehicles Using Discrete Element Method”, by Michal Shani, Yaron Franco, Gilad Gat, Prof. Itzhak E Shmulevich, and David Zaphir (paper, presentation)
  3. “Tyre Longitudinal Velocity and Slip Measurements From Inside A Tyre”, by Dr. Theunis Richard Botha, Glenn Guthrie, Emilio Jimenez, Prof. Schalk Els, and Prof. Corina Sandu (presentation)
  4. “Investigating the Difference of the Effective Rolling Radius of a Tire on a Soft Soil and a Rigid Surface”, by Rui He, Prof. Corina Sandu, and Javier E. Osorio (presentation)
  5. “Design of a Modular Amphibious Vehicle for Conducting Research in Surfzone”, by Pavel Beresnev, Prof. Andrey Kurkin, Dr. Dmitry Tyugin, and Dr. Denis Zeziulin (paper, presentation)
  6. “The Effect of Tracked-Vehicles Multi-Passes on Rut Depth and Soil Properties”, by Dr. Dror Rubinstein, Yaron Franco, and Prof. Itzhak Shmulevich (paper, presentation)

Track 9 — Terramechanics, Terrain/Soil-Wheel/Tire/Track Interaction, Modelling and Characterization

Session 1/1 — Session Chair: Prof. Kazuyoshi Tateyama

  1. “Modeling of Bucket-Soil Interaction Mechanics Based on Improved Resistive Force Theory”, by Ryota Yoneyama, Takuya Omura, and Dr. Genya Ishigami (paper, presentation)
  2. “Slip Estimation and Classification Using In-Wheel Sensor for Mobile Robot in Sandy Terrain”, by Takuya Omura and Dr. Genya Ishigami (paper, presentation)
  3. “Terramechanics Analysis of Wheel With Grousers Based on Resistive Force Theory”, by Hirotaka Suzuki and Prof. Shingo Ozaki (paper, presentation)
  4. “Application of The Hohenheim Tyre Model for The Driving Comfort Investigations of Agricultural Tractors”, by Alexander Bürger, Prof. Stefan Böttinger, and Prof. Heinz Dieter Kutzbach (paper, presentation)

Track 10 — Terramechanics, Terrain/Soil-Wheel/Tire/Track Interaction, Modelling and Characterization

Session 2/1 — Session Chair: Dr. Jeremy P. Gray

  1. “Slip Compensated Odometry for Tracked Vehicle When Rotating on a Loose Weak Slope”, by Genki Yamauchi, Prof. Keiji Nagatani, Dr. Takeshi Hashimoto, and Kenichi Fujino (paper, presentation)
  2. “Fast Energy-Efficient Torque Distribution Amongst Multiple Drivetrains”, by Dr. Arash M. Dizqah, Prof. Mike Blundell, Prof. Vladimir Vantsevich, and Brandon Ballard (paper, presentation)
  3. “Modelling of An Unmanned Ground Vehicle With New Skid-Steering Inputs”, by Siyuan Zhang and Prof. Vladimir Vantsevich (paper, presentation)
  4. “Study on Traveling Performance for Rovers Eqqipped With Wheel-Base Length Variable Mechanism to Traveling Loose Soil With Slope”, by Daisuke Fujiwara and Kojiro Iizuka (paper, presentation)

Paper Submission Only

  1. “Development and Validation of a System for Monitoring of Tip Over-Stability of a Single Bucket Excavator”, by Andrzej Kosiara and Damian Stefanow (paper)
  2. “Investigating the Motion of Vehicles on Terrain”, by Dr. Lazlo Mathe, Dr. Gyorgy Pillinger, and Prof. Peter Kiss (paper)
  3. “Online Non-Parameteric Terrain Evaluation for Panetary Rovers”, by Dr. Han Huang, Prof. Jjiangiao Li, Dr. Baichao Chen, and Prof. Meng Zou (paper)
  4. “A New Rollover Detection System for Tripped and Untripped Rollovers for Antiroll Safety Systems”, by Hari Muraleedharan Nair and Prof. Sujatha C (paper)

Poster Session

  1. “Study of Impact Force Calculation Method for Oblique Landing on Lunar Surface”, by Dr. Takaaki Yokoyama, Ryouta Matukura, and Prof. Kazuyoshi Tateyama (poster)
  2. “Development of a Ground Mobile Robot For Motion in Conditions of Coastal Zones”, by Dr. Denis Zeziulin, Dr. Vladimir Makarov, Dmitriy Porubov, and Prof. Andrey Kurkin (poster)
  3. “Dynamometer Vehicle for Field Tests in Agricultural Machinery”, by Gábor Bércesi,, Adrienn Bablena, László Kovács, and Dr. Kornél Szalay (poster)
  4. “Estimation of Light Commercial Vehicles Dynamics by Means of Real Time Simulation”, by Anton Tumasov, Alexey Vasiliev, Danila Butin, Andrey Vashurin, Yury Trusov, and Pavel Moshkov (poster)
  5. “New Criterion for Dynamic Shearing Resistance of Soils”, by Prof. Piotr Antoni DUDZINSKI (poster)
  6. “New Generation Test Equipment for Experimental Identification on Roll-Over Stability in Wheeled Off-Road Machines and Vehicles”, by Prof. Piotr Dudzinski and Gustaw Sierzputowski (poster)
  7. “New Test Device for Determination of Dynamical Shearing Resistance of Soils”, by Prof. Piotr Dudzinski and Dr. Damian Stefanow (poster)
  8. “Novel Laboratory Method to Determine the Condition of Shock Absorbers Using Accelerometer Sensors”, by Niki Galbenisz, Csongor Horváth, and Csaba Farkas (poster)
  9. “On Internal Resistance Of Rubber Track Systems”, by Prof. Piotr Dudzinski and Jakub Cholodowski (poster)
  10. “Pressure-Sinkage Relationship of An Artificial Soil Model”, by Dr. Hiroshi Nakashima, Ryo Nakanishi, Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu, Dr. Juro Miyasaka, and Dr. Katsuaki Ohdoi (poster)
  11. “Simulation of Road Impacts for Forecasting of Durability of Vehicle's Suspension Elements and Supporting System”, by Pavel Beresnev, Dr. Denis Zeziulin, Dr. Vladimir Makarov, and Dr. Anton Tumasov (poster)
  12. “Study Of Efficiency of Using All-Terrain Vehicles During The Winter Period”, by Dmitriy Porubov, Dr. Vladimir Makarov, Dr. Denis Zeziulin, Prof. Vladimir Belyakov, and Dr. Alexey Anikin (poster)
  13. “Study of Trafficability Conditions of Typical Soils of Coastal Zones of Sakhalin Island (Russian Federation)”, by Dr. Vladimir Makarov, Valery Filatov, Dr. Umar Vahidov, Prof. Andrey Kurkin, and Prof. Vladimir Belyakov (poster)
  14. “Survey of The European Manufacturers of Towed Agricultural Vehicles and Machinery and Their Market”, by Prof. Péter Kiss, Dr. József Hajdú, Dr. László Máthé, and Dr. László Magó (poster)
  15. “Pressure Regulation in Pneumatic Tractor Tyres”, by Dr. György Pillinger, Dr. Laszlo Mathe, and Prof. Peter Kiss (poster)
  16. “Effects of Steel Flexible Tracks on Forwarder Peak Load Distribution: Results From a Prototype Load Test Platform”, by Prof. Eric R. Labelle and Prof. Dirk Jaeger (poster)
  17. “The Effects of Terrain Profile on Off-Road Vehicle Mobility”, by Prof. Lajos Laib, Dr. Laszlo Mathe, and Dr. György Pillinger (poster)
  18. “Water Regime of Rivers and Its Impact on Cross-Country Mobility”, by Dr. Marian Rybansky (poster)