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Tire compaction capacity rating on non-standard soil

Alexandr Grečenko
Journal of Terramechanics, Volume 66, August 2016, Pages 59-61, ISSN 0022-4898,
Tire Compaction Capacity rating system with its CC index was evolved to support the choice of proper tires for off-road vehicles or machines operating on crop producing land with aim to prevent harmful compaction of the ground. This system, fundamentally presented in the Journal of Terramechanics, Vol. 52/2014, is based on a great number of laboratory compaction tests in common clay–loam soil (here marked as standard soil). The presented article deals especially with more accurate application of numerical rating to sandy and clay soils (very different grain size) under the designation equivalent Compaction Capacity (eCC) index, however, is applicable to an arbitrary soil type. The features and practical use of eCC rating are explained and discussed in this technical note. 
Keywords: Soil compaction risk; Off-road tires; Tire equivalent compaction capacity index